Saturday 28 January 2017

History of Edgworth Hostelries - John Barlow

Upcoming Talk - Feb 2017

7.30pm at Longsight Methodist Community Hall
Wednesday 22 Feb 2017

John's talk will be based on the booklet which he launched at the Edgworth Real Ale Festival in September 2016.  Unit sales have exceeded 330 and all profits have been given to charity with £350.00 being sent to both Bolton Mountain Rescue and Bolton Breast services.

Gill Ramwell - Mrs Orrell, Thomas, sister Dorothy
Dog & Grouse, Edgworth - late 1800s

The booklet documents the history, up to 1974, of Edgworth’s alehouses and inns.  It focuses mainly on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries describing the range of licensing laws introduced to control alcohol consumption. It also documents the development of all the various licensed establishments in Edgworth selling intoxicating liquors during this period.

A TLHS walk is also planned around these premises later in the year.