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Survey of the Commoning of Harwood 1694

Extract from Harwood: The Early Years, by J. Frederick Horridge, pages 80-81, appendices A6 and A7.

Survey of the Commoning of Harwood 1694
Survey of the Commoning of Harwood 1694

A true survey taken of the commoning of Harwood and in the Boundaries thereof upon view and enquiry of the encroachment of incroachments and inclosures made by the several persons in the possessions & occupations of the persons hereafter named.

John Greenall: from Bitter Sweet Tree in Meadow Hedge to Harwood Stud.
Ralph Crompton of Harwood: two incroachments of ground, one house,
garden, shippon & stable.
George Haslam & Anne Crompton:  Two cottages & garden
Edmund Haslam:  One messuage, two closes & one acre
James Mutchill:  One house
Alice Haworth:  One house, two fields, one acre
James Longworth:  Two little buildings
Abraham Roscoe:  One field, half acre
Thomas Hamer:  One inclosure for san pitts, one field, barn, garden, messuage- all one acre.
Thomas Lee:  one messuage & garden
Robert Entwistle: one house, garden & shippon
James Heaton:  one bay & croft
John Horrox:  one messuage, one close, two acres
Ester Horrose, widow:  one cottage
Richard Entwistle:  one messuage & garden
John Bradshaw:  one messuage, one cottage & garden, one acre
Thomas Settle:  one messuage, half acre
Thomas Horridge:  one messuage & garden
John Bridge:  one cottage
John Davenport: one cottage
Elliza Hulme:  one cottage
John Hague:  one close, two acres
Arthur Bromeley:  one messuage & garden

Trustholders & Charterers of the Commons in Harwood in the Parish of Bolton.
10th April, 1694.
James Cheetham, Robert Lever, Samuel Brooks, Thomas Hulme, Michael Flidcroft, Thomas Leaver, Richard Lomax, Thomas Meadowcroft.
The names of the Feoffs of Bolton School
The names of the Feoffs of Cocky Chappell

These have inclosed: -- James Longworth, James Heaton, John Hague, Arthur Bromeley, John Davenport. Whether these five may be distrained upon in a warrant for ejection because they have other considerable lands in the Township having inclosed part of the Common.

For Pinners of the Common:-- Richard Lomax, George Haslam, Michael Muchel.

Widdow Brooke, Widdow Nabs, Willam Davenport, John Hague, James Kirkman, Thomas Croft, Richard Aspinall, Ellis Walch, John Allen, William Usherwood, Robert Blundies, Widdow Roscoe, William Roscoe, George Taylor, Walk Mill.
These are ith'lay whether those have any lands in Harwood.