Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Egerton before the Ashworths - Stephen Tonge

Upcoming Talk

7:30pm at Longworth Methodist Community Hall
Wednesday 28th November 2018

Steve has recently been conducting research into the history of Egerton with a view to producing a TLHS publication on the subject.  His talk will cover the early history of Egerton, up to the time when Egerton Mill was built, before the core of the present village came to be.

The presentation will look at the Walmsley family, and how the estate passed out of their hands following the death of James Walmsley in 1648.  It will also explore the arrival in Turton of Ralph & Jane Egerton, the legal disputes over the Egerton's estate following Ralph's death in 1702, and the property's subsequent descent to their grandchildren, the Crosse family.

Turnpike map of Egerton area c1795
Turnpike map of the Egerton area c1795
(Bolton Archives ZAL1342)