Thursday, 30 June 2022

Guided Tour of Turton Tower

Upcoming Visit - July 2022

7.30pm at Turton Tower
Thursday 28th July 2022

Turton Tower is a house that has been evolving over the last 600 years. From a stone tower house in the 1400s to the home of the Tudor Orrell and, later, the Victorian Kay Families, Turton Tower has been altered and adapted to suit the needs and tastes of those who lived here.  The arrival of the James Kay in 1835 saw the Tower transformed into a romantic Gothic building with later added mock timbered extensions, finials and antiquarian facades.

Turton Tower

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

An Appreciation of James C. Scholes


Bolton Journal and Guardian

18 June 1935

Bolton has been the birthplace of many men and women who have at least some pretensions to fame, but it is a sad truism that in the words of an old proverb 'a prophet is not without honour save in his own country'. This applies very pertinently to the case of J.C. Scholes the 45th anniversary of whose death occurs today. His claim to fame lie in the fact that he established the history of Bolton on a firm basis for all time. Yet, and this is very strange, there seem to be very few records extant of him, excepting of course, his own works. From these however, and from the few scraps of information it is possible to find, one can form some impressions of him.