Tuesday, 5 September 2023

Lancastrians (Paul Salveson)

Upcoming Talk - September 2023

7.30pm at Harwood Methodist Church, Longsight
Thursday 28th September 2023

Speaker: Paul Salveson


Paul Salveson's new book 'Lancastrians: mills, mines and minarets - a new history' explores some of the less well-known aspects of Lancashire's great history, from the Mersey to the Lakes. Paul's talk will look at how Lancashire became a great regional powerhouse and political dynamo only to go into decline over the last fifty years. Paul's talk will explore questions of Lancashire identity and culture and whether the county of the red rose could undergo a revival.

Paul's book will be available or can be obtained from the publisher Hurst, at www.hurstpublishers.co.uk with a 25% discount by entering the discount code LANCASTRIANS25

Friday, 25 August 2023

Photographs of Bradshaw Hall - Early 1900s

These photographs are from a series taken by the Bleachers' Association in the early 1900s and mounted in album form as a memento of Bradshaw Hall before its demolition in 1949.

The oldest portion of Bradshaw Hall no longer exists.  It is felt that some pictorial record of a house so long and intimately associated with our business should be preserved for the interest of those who will succeed us.

The following photographs, therefore, have been selected and reproduced from a series obtained some thirty of forty years ago, and are intended to convey the most important features of the house.

Plate 1 - Bradshaw Hall and grounds.  South front.